Life Skills Programme for Youth

This is the youth inclusion wing of Tomorrow ́s Foundation. It is a programme that provides life skills training programme for youth through innovative solutions for the professional integration of the most excluded youths who are victims of extreme poverty.

The learning methods that LP4Y implements in the Life Project Centers are based on hands-on experience of managing micro-economic initiatives, positive approach and gamification.

The youths integrated in these centers enhance their soft skills, work on their personal development and improve their English, IT and communication skills and are, by the end of the programme, fully equipped to find and keep a decent job.

Key Activities

  • A new Green Village was launched in Chhattisgarh State, trained more than 100 young adults and raised awareness on Youth inclusion and environment.
  • A new Life Project Centre was built in Bengaluru to empower underprivileged young women.
  • Delhi and Kolkata Life Project Centres organised Entrepreneurs’ Day to celebrate the success of LP4Y graduated youths who found a decent job and award partners.
  • The youths of Chennai Life Project Centre organised 6 sport events gathering the community of Kannagi Nagar’s relation site. The youths of Kolkata Centre facilitated 11 Road Safety and Eco-mobility Trainings.