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As per NSDC Skill Gap Reports (2012-2017, 2017-2022), Rural Bengal faces huge unemployment as a result of the technical skill gap that is created due to weakness in the education system. Currently the differences between expected skills of the job market and the skill level of the aspirants are extreme. There are other incidental issues like high drop-out rates at secondary levels in schools and in colleges (out of 95 lakh students entering the school system, only 11 lakh make it to higher education – as per NSDC Reports), dearth of proper information about the courses, training – aspiration mismatch, mobilization, location of training centres, and other factors. These result in youth aged 18-35 yrs, especially from the underprivileged class, being unemployed. This talent pool is unutilized and wasted. Our aim is to target this unutilized pool of talent belonging to the deprived section of the society and convert them into income contributors. We will provide them free of cost, quality training in employment centric skills right where they reside. We generate revenues from the Government who pay us for providing the skill training on behalf of the beneficiaries. We have a vision to set up 30 centers which will cater to 720 students/center which will result in training 21600 students in a year across rural Bengal out of which we have already set up our first centers in Bolpur, Birbhum and Chhatna, Bankura. In these centers there are 3 class rooms and 2 labs equipped with facilities through which we will ensure that the beneficiary not only gains theoretical knowledge about the subject but also develops demonstrable practical abilities. Currently, we are rigorously involved in mobilization activities involving the social groups of the nearby areas in villages as well as at block level so that they themselves come forward and participate in self development. In particular we are encouraging more and more women to come out and explore the benefits this model so that they can invest their free time in acquiring skills and generating income for the family. Part of the revenues that we will generate from the operations will be ploughed back into the Foundation for sustaining our social development projects.

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