Special Learning Centre

Started in 2015, the Special Learning Centre [SLC] was envisioned as an underprivileged child education project that ensures age appropriate enrolment and retention in government-sponsored secondary schools through innovative teaching learning support to students from marginalised socio-economic background in several pockets of south Kolkata, West Bengal.

The project also aims to:

  • Build capacities of government school teachers, creating a positive environment in the targeted schools.
  • Create a strong rapport between the school and the beneficiary community.

Both of these interventions are critical to the sustainability of the project

  • A strong rapport with the school and community and robust School Management Committees [SMCs] ensure that all the children attending the Special Learning Centre are enrolled at the right age, that they attend school regularly and their problems are addressed both at school and in their homes.
  • Regular parent teacher meetings, home visits, sharing of plans, counseling of parents and students help in building and nurturing this rapport. This process also ensures that the RTE norms are met and that there is improved faith of the community towards the targeted schools.
  • As the intervention model suggests, apart from teaching at the SLC, the teachers are involved in support activities such as home visits, training, planning, evaluations and other related tasks

Special Learning Centres are presently being operated in six schools of Kolkata:

  • BehalaBalikaVidyapith
  • Chetla Girls High School
  • KalighatMahakaliPathshala
  • Poddar Nagar High School.
  • BijoygarhBalikaVidyapith
  • Bikramgarh High School

After completing three years at Deshbandhu Girls High School and after placing the students at a satisfactory level, SLC was withdrawn from this school from July 2018.

Recent Activities of Special Learning Centre

  • Teachers participated in different workshops and external programmes to enhance and build their capabilities (Krishamurti Foundation Kolkata, Tech Mahindra Foundation, ITEI New Delhi;
  • Different activities were held for the students throughout the year to improve their reading, writing, comprehension and numerical skills;
  • Special activities were arranged for the students to make them aware about the different festivals of India and special events such as Holi, Rathyatra, RakshaBandhan and Children’s Day.