The state of Chhattisgarh is affected by civil strife, violence and is surrounded by “The Red Corridor” of India. Out of total 27 districts of Chhattisgarh, about 18 districts are affected by civil strife and among these, the seven southern districts of Bastar region are the worst hit. Long running civil unrest, difficult and inaccessible terrains and limited administrative controls in pockets of the districts have affected the overall protective environment of the state and have irreparably damaged children's lives. Hundreds of children have been displaced, separated from families, detained in institutions, used by insurgence groups, compelled to migrate to neighboring states and trafficked as a result of conflict.

The persistent conflict has resulted in damage of schools, thereby severely impacting children's access to education and subsequently resulted in high dropout rates. Data from census 2011 has highlighted the issues related to accessibility, number of teachers, number of government schools etc. This further exacerbates children’s vulnerabilities to trafficking, abuse and child marriage.

Tomorrow’s Foundation is committed in its role as a child protection NGO and with this in mind, the Uttaran Bastar project was started in 2010 in Chhattisgarh to support those children who had lost their parents, family and home due to insurgency trouble in these areas. Uttaran Bastar project consists of two residential homes - one in the district of Bijapur, which can accommodate 50 for boys and one in the district of Dantewada, which can accommodate 100 girls. Both of these two homes are presently under the control of Government of Chhattisgarh under Juvenile Justice Care & Protection Act 2015.

The objectives of the Uttaran Bastar project include:

  • Offering child protection, residential security with full board and lodging, counseling, training in health and hygiene matters along with schooling.
  • Giving the children an opportunity and platform to excel in sports and cultural activities.
  • Providing bridging facilities to 150 out-of-school orphan girls and boys.
  • Providing upward linkage facilities to these girls so that they are able to complete graduation.
  • Arranging/conducting professional courses to these girls with the aim to improve their employability.
  • Placing the girls in suitable jobs/business/entrepreneurship after completion of graduation and professional/technical training. Providing rehabilitative care.

Some Recent Activities

  • Engaged with 50 Panchayat Level Child Protection Committees (PLCPC) in the two blocks of Dantewada and Geedam of Dantewada district.
  • Formation of 227 School Management Committees (SMC) and 231 School Child Cabinets (SCC) through survey and community mobilization in Dantewada district.
  • Orientation meetings on issues and laws related to Child Protection were facilitated with 65 panchayats across 3 Blocks of Sukma district. Two boys from Bijapur and two girls from Dantewada visited France to participate in a sports exchange programme in collaboration with Sports Dans La Ville(France).
  • International Yoga Day celebrated at Bijapur.
  • Participation by the children in a dance programme titled Sadbhawna-2019.